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National Elevator Industry Educational Program

The National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP) offers craft training for all employees covered by the agreement between Signatory Contractors and the IUEC. NEIEP effectively provides hands-on training utilizing labs, assorted training aids, text materials and video.

To learn more about Apprenticeship or Continuing Education please visit the, NEIEP website or contact:

Region 10 - Great Lakes:


Jordan L. Miller
Locals: 17, 36, 44, 45 & 85

322 South Jefferson Street, Suite 203
Mason, Michigan 48854
Phone: 517.667.0898

Elevator Constructor Apprentice FAQ's


Apprenticeship National Standards



Current Ranked Applicant List

We are currently drawing from our Apprenticeship Ranked Applicant List established February 9, 2024. We are presently on applicant #8 of this list and will continue to draw from this list until a new recruitment is conducted, tentatively scheduled for Spring 2026 at the earliest.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Reminder, please do not inquire as to when your number will be called because it is impossible to predict and there will be no speculation as to when your number may be called for referral to a prospective employer.

Updated: April 22, 2024.

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