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Brothers and Sisters:

In order to more effectively monitor non-Local No. 44 members traveling in and out of Local No. 44 territory to work, please provide the following information to the hall before clearance:

1. Completed Local 44 Traveler’s Information Request form, which requests the following:
     a. Your name and phone number
     b. Your home Local
     c. Name of your Business Manager or Agent and their phone number
     d. Your employer’s name
     e. Your supervisor’s name and phone number
     f. Location of work being performed (including addresses)

     g. Duration of work assignment in Local 44 and what schedule you intend on working
     h. Calculation of Dues Difference traveler is responsible for
2. Member must call to check in and out
3. Copy of Quarterly Working Card (may simply text a photo of current working card)
4. Please remit dues difference immediately


Members that fail to comply with these guidelines are less likely to be welcomed back. Information can be sent via fax (419) 242-6627 or emailed to Any questions regarding this request can be directed to Santos Flores @ (419) 261-3999. Thank you in advance for your cooperation on this matter.





Santos R. Flores
Business Manager
IUEC Local 44
2300 Ashland Avenue, Room 226
Toledo, Ohio 43620

Santos R Flores Signature.jpg
2022 Q2 Local 44 Traveler's Dues Difference Request_Page_2.jpg
2022 Q2 Local 44 Traveler's Dues Difference Request_Page_3.jpg
Local 44 Traveler's Information Request Form

Traveler's Information

Traveler's Local Information

Traveler's Employer Information


Dues Difference Calculation

Please ensure label shows

Thanks you for your submission. Please travel and work safely!


International Union of Elevator Constructors

Local No. 44

Welcome to Toledo, Fort Wayne & South Bend, Local No. 44
Chartered December 22, 1914

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