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The International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC) Local 44 proudly serves Northwest Ohio, most of Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan.


Our highly trained and certified members specialize in installing, servicing, repairing and modernizing elevators, escalators and other conveyances. 

IUEC Local 44 is one of seventy-six Local Unions that make up the International Union of Elevator Constructors, which represents over 30,000 members in the United States and Canada.

The members of Local 44 are the most progressively skilled, best-trained and safest working mechanics and apprentices in the industry. This is due to the outstanding and comprehensive training they receive through the National Elevator Industry Education Program (NEIEP). This training gives us confidence in our skills, pride in our work and strength in our union.


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Superior Opportunities

Finding a career in which you find satisfaction, meaning or value in your work has become increasingly elusive. More difficult yet is landing a job in which you yourself may actually feel valued either by your employer or the customers you serve. Miserable, unrewarding jobs for which you have no passion for can kill your enthusiasm on both a professional and personal level. Even worse, these types of jobs can take a serious toll on your mental and physical health. If you're wondering where to begin your search for a career that you can truly be passionate about; one that offers the highest pay, a premier benefits package, and training & educational opportunities which place you at the forefront of one of the most technical industries in the world - THE IUEC LOCAL 44 IS YOUR ANSWER. 


Superior Companies


The seven affiliate companies teamed with the IUEC Local 44 employ the elevator industry's best and brightest. By virtue of this fact, our companies are able to provide service which is second to none. This service superiority extends to every job no matter how big or small. Our signatory companies are capable of tackling any project thanks to technical expertise gained from our industry-leading educational program, unparalleled safety standards which have prepared us for any environment and a level of reliability forged over decades of dedicated service to all whom depend on us. If you're a prospective building or homeowner looking for a company to entrust with your job - THE IUEC LOCAL 44 IS YOUR ANSWER.


Superior Partnerships


The challenges of the world are becoming increasingly complex. It's tough attempting to weather the storm, especially alone. With the IUEC Local 44 there is strength in numbers and even more strength yet in unity. The partner companies and members of the IUEC Local 44 benefit greatly from their affiliation with one another. Industry advancements in safety, quality and performance are the result of the collective efforts of all of our member organizations and their people. Together we have built a foundation which keeps us all above the approaching flood waters while our partnership serves as our umbrella providing relief from the rain. As a company owner you may be feeling burned out, anxious and frustrated or like your company owns you more than you own it. You may even feel as if you're drowning and you're desperately wondering who will come along to toss you a life ring or help you bail water before your boat begins to sink - THE IUEC LOCAL 44 IS YOUR ANSWER.

For even more information on how the IUEC can benefit you as a prospective elevator technician, customer or affiliated company owner, please visit







For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (419) 242-7902 or fill out the following form:

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Primary Office

2300 Ashland Avenue, Suite 226

Toledo, Ohio 43620


Business Manager - Santos Flores 

Recording Secretary - Bruce Bestul

Financial Secretary - William Northcutt

Office Telephone: (419) 242-7902

Cell Phone: (419) 261-3999

Employment Opportunities

To apply for a job with the International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 44, please visit:

We are currently at #10 on our ranked applicant list.

Please click on the Apprenticeship & Recruitment tab above for further details.

Please call: 419-242-7902

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