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1. Indiana Department of Homeland Security Elevators and Amusement Rides Page
2. 2023 Indiana Code 22-15-5 Chapter 5 Regulated Lifting Devices Document

1. Michigan Bureau of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Elevator Section Page
2. 2023 Michigan Elevator Rules Document
3. Michigan Licensing Act 333 of 1976 Documen
4. Michigan Elevator Safety Board Act 227 of 1976 Document

1. Alabama Department of Labor Elevator Safety Page
2. Alabama Department of Labor Elevator Safety Rules Document
3. Alabama DOL Safety Statutes & Regulations Document

1. Alaska Department of Labor Labor Standards & Safety Division Page
2. Alaska DOL Elevators Statutes & Regulations Document

1. Arizona Division of Occupational Safety & Health Elevator Division Page
2. Arizona Elevator Safety Rules Document

1. Arkansas Department of Labor & Licensing Elevator Inspection & Permit Page
2. Administrative Rules of the Elevator Safety Board State of Arkansas Document

1. California Department of Industrial Relations Elevators Page

2. California Elevator Safety Code Link
3. California Elevator Safety Orders Link

1. Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety Department of Labor Conveyances Page
2. Colorado DOL DOPS Conveyance Regulations Document

1. Connecticut Department of Administrative Services Safety Code for Elevators & Escalators Page
2. Connecticut Chapter 538 Elevators, Escalators & Lifts Link

3. Connecticut Safety Code for Elevators & Escalators Document

1. Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation Bureau of Elevator Safety Page
2. 2023 Florida Statutes Chapter 399 Elevator Safety Document

1. Georgia Office of Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire Elevators & Escalators Page
2. G
eorgia Subject 120-3-25 Rules and Regulations for Escalators and Elevators Link

1. Hawaii Occupational Safety & Health Elevators Page
2. Hawaii OSH Standards Elevators & Related Systems (Title 12, Subtitle 8, Part 11) Link

1. Idaho Division of Occupational & Professional Licenses Page
2. IDAPA 24 – Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses Elevator Safety Program 24.39.40 – Safety Rules for Elevators, Escalators, and Moving Walks Document

1. Illinois Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshall Elevator Safety Division Page
2. Illinois Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshall Elevator Safety Division - Title 41: Fire Protection Chapter II: Elevator Safety Review Board Part 1000 Illinois Elevator Safety Rules Link
3. Illinois Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshall Elevator Safety Division - (225 ILCS 312/) Elevator Safety and Regulation Act Link

1. Iowa Department of Inspections Appeals and Licensing Page
2. Iowa Code Chapter 89A Elevators Document

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